That chill is definitely in the air telling us the seasons are a' changin.  Today we're focusing on all those Fall and Winter fabrics to keep brides toasty warm through the chilly months ahead.   Medium to heavier weights can be absolutely luxe and gorgeous especially ones with patterns and sheen so perfect for evening and the low light of shorter days . . . . 

Brocade-Heavyweight fabric used in structured silhouettes. The elaborate patterns of this fabric are created by mixing muted and glossy yarns in matching (sometimes contrasting) colors. Most bridal gowns made out of brocade have a surface design of florals though I once saw a gown with some interesting geometric patterns. Brocade molds perfectly in sheath and A-line silhouettes. A fall/winter fabric, brocade is an excellent option for bridal suits.

 Duchesse Satin-Medium weight satin with a glossy finish. A staple of traditional bridal wear, it has versatility whereas it works for strait as well as full silhouettes as in the dress above.

Taffeta- Stiff, crisp, lightweight cross-rib weave. Taffeta can have either a slight luster or muted finish like the dress above. It can be shaped, adding volume without bulk and weight, making it an ideal choice for A-lines and ball gowns. Nice in a sheath silhouette providing it has some kind train preferably of the same fabric with some degree of fullness.

Suede--Getting married in sub-zero weather? Covering your gown with a cape is ideal—they’re roomy and they won’t squish your dress. The cape here is white suede (type of leather) with marabou and faux fur trim added to a cathedral train. The hat and muff are made of faux Moulton lamb./Photo by Rob Martel

Velvet- Heavy-weight, napped fabric. Perfect for the winter bridal suit. Light weight velvets are ideal for spring and summer weddings.  This cut velvet chiffon dress drapes beautifully to the body

Wool-Ordinarily when we think wool, we conjure images of coats and suits. Wool crepe and jersey (above) drape beautifully though and are excellent choices for the gown or dress with a more modern feel. The wool dress is an excellent choice if you’re considering re-wearing after the wedding. Optimal for wedding suits and contemporary brides, wool offers a certain sophisticated chic. Wool is great for winter weddings especially if you don’t want that luxurious fabric finish that most silks proffer. 

Photos 1-3 by Bride Chic
Photo 3 and 4 by Rob Martel
Photo 4 by Penny Climer