I'm making some predictions here on Bride Chic for a few trends I feel we're going to be seeing a lot of in 2014.  If you love the 1920s-30s  chic you're in luck--there's still a heap of inspiration to be found out there starting at the top of your head and working down.  Expect some more surprises on the vintage front.  Early 1960s bouffant styles--as in Audrey meets Jackie and Grace in heavier satins--are going enjoy a revival.  Modern brides will love bouffant looks--they're typically clean-lined as well as simple and can be easily accessorized for the more cosmopolitan wedding. The Little White Dress is going to see some elaborations that take it to a whole new level.  Look for accents via belts, petticoats and other ornamentation in color, print and texture.  
For me bouffant is a 1960s code word in fashion defining everything from hair to the shape of a skirt.  Bouffant skirts generally took on a bell shape and were crafted out of heavier satins.  Think Balenciaga and early Yves St. Laurent.  Above and directly below are updated versions of Bouffant//Photos by Strotz Photography
Think of the LWD as an alternative to The Big White Dress.  Perfect for brides who just can't envision themselves in something so darn formal.  Usually ending just above or below the knee, the LWD can also go to a rehearsal dinner, reception, shower or bachelorette party.  The point of the 2014 LWD is, it's not just allover white or ivory but taking on new and pretty accents//Photo by Samantha Smith Photography 
ANYTHING 1920s or 30s GOES
Thanks to the release of  The Great Gasby and our ongoing fascination with Downton Abbey we have a plethora of  early 20th Century chic to choose from.  Starting with accessories, the lace or tulle cloche veil worn low on the forehead and tied either to the side or in the back is a very Gatsbyesque touch.  So are feathered headbands and headwreaths.  Add dangling sparkly earrings and pearl jewelry to really tie the look together.  Dresses follow the evening gown silhouette whether body-hugging in liquid satins or chemise/shift designs in allover lace and chiffons . . . .
Above Photos: Lace Cloche Veil by Piximage//Feathered Headband by Sweet Light Studios//Wreath Veil by Jim Vetter Photography
Above and Below Photos by Jim Vetter Photography

All gowns and head chic by Amy-Jo Tatum