The whole time I was putting this post together, that song by Donovan called, Mellow Yellow was going round and round in my head.  For me, yellow is the symbol for warmth and sunshine and when I was a kid, it was my favorite color.  For a bride who wants to don yellow on her wedding day there are so many options from the palest tones to the most vibrant citrus shades.    And PS, I'm loving anything Daisy added to the yellow palette . . ..
Top Photo: John Galliano for Dior
Photo 2: Bird's Nest Hat via tumblr
Photos 3 and 4: Left-yellow Toque via tumblr/Right-Yellow Pleated Mermaid Dress by Georges Chakra via tumblr
Photo 5: Cage Dress by Alexander McQueen spring 2013 via tumblr
Photos 6 and 7: Left-Flowers via tumblr/Right-yellow Dress on Mannequin via Pinterest
Photo 9 and 10: Left-Dress by Galliano via tumblr
Photo 11: Yellow Organza Dress by Eme di Eme via Wedding Inspirasi
Photo 12: Daisy Hat by Amy-Jo Tatum