Topping off your look can truly be an art form.  Here's a round up of incredibly chic and one-off ways to sport a veil on your wedding day.  Most of these gems I spotted on Pinterest linking back to some awesome designers doing innovative things with tulle, lace, organza and gauze. Oh, and there are a couple yummy headpieces holding these swirls of fluff in place that I just love . .
Photo 1: Wide horsehair pouf veil via Ana Rosa Design via Tumblr
Photo 2: Blush veil worn to the side by Twigs and Honey via Chic Vintage Brides/Photo by Elizabeth Messina
Photo 3: Hybrid hat with veiling by Irina Sardareva
Photo 4: Hat and veil combo by Yohji Yamamoto via Tumblr
Photo 5: Maud French Veil and Renee Floral Halo - Enchanted Atelier Fall Winter 2013 Collection via Chic Vintage Brides
Photo 6: Pre-1920s lace cap veil via Merci New York/Photo by Elizabeth Messina
Photo 7: Wide lace worn with a blusher by Oscar de la Renta via Tumblr