Take any Jules Verne novel add a bit of Victoriana along with some fantasy and you usually get a good dose of Steampunk.  The look is a blend of Victorian fashion mixed in with wild west plus that modern twist incorporating bits and pieces of  metal parts in the shape of machinery, timepieces with Roman numerals tucked into derbies and keys worn as necklaces are just a few of my favorites.  These I collected from some of the most inventive designers and jewelry makers around who do some great versions of steampunk ...
 Header photo: Steampunk Shoot via Rock and Roll Bride, Bantry House. Chemistry Photography, Lace Collar and Cuffs by Bonzie//Above: Dresses and head wear by The Peppermint Pretty

 Above: Dress by Recapture//Sepia photo by Modeliza/Dress by Princesse du cap