This city-chic styled shoot is the brainchild of the husband and wife team of Nina Duong and Adam Kaminski.  He's a Toronto photographer and she's a wedding gown designer.  Twelve years ago they opened Nina Duong  Haute Couture when two years later Adam began to realize, "As a guy I'd struggled with getting a handle on fashion. At the same time we'd been hiring photographers to shoot Nina's collections. Having
spent time and money on commercial fashion shoots not once were we
happy with the pictures. This led to the decision for me to learn
photography so we can communicate our message and I can make
myself useful. The rest as they say is history. . . .
The actual idea for the shoot came from my visit to Asia last
Christmas. As you know the streets there are filled with scooters and
bicycles. It makes you realize that the modern urban bride would find
a perfect fit on a scooter."
What I'm particularly loving is how the blacks and whites of the dress and tux blend in with the gray and beige streetscapes of this shoot.  Kudos to both the photographer and Nina whose designs fit so beautifully against the Toronto backdrop . . .

Wedding Gowns: Nina Duong
Photography: ND Photography
Model: Kristina Kirsanova