So what, you ask, is the difference between The Real Deal vintage and vintage reproduction?  If the above dress still existed somewhere, say in your Grandma's attic, that's the real deal.  If you're considering going vintage--I mean really vintage as in wearing a dress from the actual era you love, here's the lowdown: Many vintage clothing stores stock actual gowns from by-gone eras as well as ‘retro-inspired’ selections.that are brand new. The bride in love with a particular era of clothing usually checks vintage clothing stores first. Not all brides opt for an actual gown that survived her favorite era though. Some choose a newer style reflecting the period in natural fibers. Why? Because that authentic 1925 chemise may be so delicate, without proper restoration it could literally fall apart. Think of gowns belonging to the ages like you would certain antiques: some so precious to be considered museum quality. Depending on restoration, the rule of thumb is, the older the gown the less they should be worn. So if perchance you're all set on wearing that 1925 chemise with a cloche hat  find a specialist in restoration who can advise.

All photos courtesy Vintage Vogue