What could be more romantic than a tartan wedding during the holiday season?  Tartans and plaids are practically synonomous with Christmas both in decor and fashion, not to mention everything from wrapping paper to Christmas cards. It took me a long time to locate an actual Scottish designer of bridal wear who specialized not only in couture but the true essence of how tartan relates to fashion.  Designer Joyce Young works wool tartans into bridal wear with some real edge. For years I've been in awe of Scotsmen in kilts and the flair they have at using plaids to go formal. Will you get a load of these gowns? Tartan godets. Tartan trains and insets. Joyce is an incredible designer who pairs up these wools with the richness of shantung and taffeta. Her shops are in Glasgow, Gretna Green and London. 'Touch of Tartan' is only one collection she offers as she has a whole range of traditional as well as destination gowns to choose from.