Wednesday, December 7, 2011


With all this winter around us it's surprising to think spring will be here in no time.  Here's a look at an up and coming collection offering a bit of beaucoup in head chic.  All these flowers you see here are  hand dyed, hand cut and pressed by the artist, Jenn Wood of Mignonne.   Says the designer, " I love to use lots of interesting bits of vintage this and that to add whimsy and magic, some of the vintage items used have been handpicked by me in the flea markets of France. I incorporate my own aesthetic when creating these flowers and as a result they are not "perfect" factory made looking pieces, they are all individual . . . . ."


Alexa said...

Oh my goodness...these are so beautiful. The first one really caught my eye! :)

Mani said...

Oh my, that looks so romantic and chic! Looooe it!

Chicago Chic said...

So lovely and absolutely perfect for Spring.


Renee said...

wow looks amazing. I definitely want to be a spring bride some day :)


Low said...

Definitely not for me! Don't like to wear anything on the head, specially as a bride!


Jelena Zivanovic said...

Beautiful head pieces, so romantic and perfect for a spring!!:) Happy Monday dear!!
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Jelena (

Perennial, Costa Rica Wedding said...

I just adore all the headpieces/crowns. Its a something thats been around, but NOW it looks good!!!! Being a wedding planner here in Costa Rica, I'm trying to get my brides to do this.

Kaylee said...

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