Wednesday, August 18, 2010


 A picture hat draped completely in tulle paired up with a tulle over skirt

I ask you, what could say bridal more than a cloud of soft tulle? Tulle is a fine mesh netting with a hexagonal pattern that comes in silk, cotton, nylon or acrylic/silk for power netting. Tulle, aka illusion, is familiar because its the standard material for bridal veils. But did you know it comes in lighter versions and is used in bouffant skirts.? The one pictured below certainly gives off  that ballerina look Vera Wang popularized a few years back. 
Photo by Ron Greystar
The big tulle dresses.  Above: A tulle  ballgown with silk roses and leaves dappled down the back.  Below: Ankle length hourglass silhouette with cinched waist and full tulle skirt and petticoat.

Make up by Pretty Girl
Moving beyond classic bridal fashion and into an edgier vintage look, this bodice is shirred with tulle over Chantilly lace. Three layers of draped ruffling gently fall down the arm.  The waist is draped with a tulle sash
While the big tulle skirt is classic, this A-line is shirred tulle from decolletage to hem.  And don' forget  stoles and wraps can be made out of tulle.  The one above is dappled with soft pink organza rosebuds.  Below left is a pagoda hat  swathed in it and the pancake hat at the right has a pouf of tulle. 
Right photo by Scott Williams


Ah yes, we can't get out of here without one last peek at all that marvelous tulle underneath.  

All gowns and head wear by Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal


Jennifer Vance said...

I love the one with tulle over the lace;that's so creative!Did you make that one?

bridechic said...

That's mine alright!

kwpang said...

the tulle is really beautiful, i really like it.