Friday, August 20, 2010


Okay, so winter's not here just yet but I haven't forgotten all you December and Janurary brides out there as I hope for my beloved Yankees to make the play-offs this season. Brides looking toward a winter wedding might do best finding a dress with sleeves  Believe it or not there are some designers out there offering gowns with mid to long length sleeve variations.  In addition, heavier fabrics like brocade and satin are elegant and help to keep you warm.

 I'd say the hardest part of being a winter bride is getting to and from your various destinations gracefully without freezing to death.  The good news is, you don't have to shiver when there are so many chic wraps and cover-ups out there to be had. You can even go strapless or sleeveless as long as you're in a coat or cape.  

Do invest in some warm accessories like a fur or faux fur capelet. Opera length gloves are a great substitute for sleeves and uber-chic. Going to and from your ceremony and reception is a cinch if you have a pair of white boots with which to traipse through snow. And don't forget your head. A fur hat or hoodie could be just the right touch to top off your snow princess look and keep your ears from frosting over.

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