Thursday, December 18, 2008


Once I found these images on Fashion Freax I just had to share what the street chic bride will look like might she evolve with the rest of the SC Movement. Coming out of Europe and Asia, these looks are pretty much how I’d imagine her: young, and not so much ‘The Runaway Bride’ as this photo is titled, but maybe ‘Bride On the Run’ would be more like it.

These lovely satin shoes are by Anna Zaboeva the mini flapper dress by Pleasemachine. The above photos were shot in Budapest. .

I think of the Street Chic Bride as one who doesn't have a lot of time to wait for her dress to be ordered out of a salon so she'll buy it off the rack a week or two before her wedding. Above is a stellar find from Shez Label of Korea.

Another gorgeous dress by Shez in my favorite color --peach.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely in love with that last dress! now to find an event to wear it to...hum... ;)