Monday, December 22, 2008


Anyone brings up either wedding of the Nixon daughters, Tricia's White House Wedding is usually first (and only) to come to mind. Most folks (myself included) were unaware younger daughter Julie was first to tie the knot and did so only a month before her father took office. This day in 1968, Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower were married by Rev. Norman Vincent Peale in Manhattan's Marble Collegiate Church. Because her father was President-Elect at the time, Kleig lights, the curious and press turned up in droves as you can see from these photos.

Though a White House wedding with all the trimmings was offered, Julie and David wanted a private ceremony. They managed to keep their guest list a secret amid all the change in their lives. In addition, their Grand Ballroom at the Plaza wedding reception was closed to all press.
Julie's gown was by Pricilla Kidder aka Priscilla of Boston. High-necked with pearls and beadwork, it had puffed sleeves and a long train. The bridesmaid ensembles were brocade overcoats with long Juliet sleeves.
Special thanks to Olivia Anastasiadis, curator at the Nixon Presidential Library in Southern California. She sent me rare sketches of Julie's wedding gown and the bridemaid ensembles. Unfortunately, my scanner is on the fritz so these I promise will be added later on. Julie's gown is the one furthest right in the photo below. Next to it is one of her bridesmaids (probably Tricia).

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