Saturday, November 1, 2008


Amy-Jo Tatum

Maybe you’re voluptuous which simply means carrying around fifty more pounds than Twiggy. Personally I’m not a fan of dieting just so you can fit into a size –2 on your wedding day. I mean why even bother if you can look good in all your curviness? Furthermore, I’d like to know how come women a few pounds over the real norm (not fashion norm like Ally McBeal), don’t just go for dresses that accentuate the positive and downplay the negative?

Sarah Houston

Here’s my recommendation: Instead of crash dieting concentrate on keeping lines vertical while bringing the rest of your silhouette inward. Consider a curve darted A-line or a princess style with some contrast to the center panel. If you have pleasing curves and/or a full bust, focus on empathizing these attributes the Great Masters have painted for centuries. Think Rubenesque rather than heavy, realizing you can carve out your own special style niche. Consider Minnie Driver. She’s definitely somebody who knows how to ‘rock it’ with her full-figure. Though you won’t find her too often inside the pages of Vogue, she’s definitely tres chic.

Joyce Young

Edgardo Bonilla


*An empire waist. It looks great on you. It plays down a thick midriff and hides big hips and bottom. Real power is knowing that God actually created some of us to be curvaceous
*A ball gown. If you have full breasts, some tummy, rounded hips and bottom you can wear a ball gown well as long as there’s a determined waistline. The voluminous skirts hide the tummy, bottom and hips, focusing on a nipped in waist. .
*Low, wide necklines. Consider the scoop, sweetheart, keyhole and V-neck, all of which empathize your cleavage and decolletage.
*Long and fitted sleeves, preferably in lightweight fabrics to make your arms look slimmer.
*Basque waists atop either an A-line or ball gown slim you out.
*The trapeze or tent style; one of your best options.

Stephanie Allin

*Any gown with massive embellishment and go for clean lines and fabrics like crepe, matte satin and shantung; they even your body out. Pass up any weighty fabric like brocade or velvet that add bulk in the folds and seams. Ditto the heavily beaded laces and organza.
*Shiny fabrics like satin. High shine equals volume. .
*Mermaid, evening gown and sheath silhouettes; all too form-fitting for your figure.
Three-quarter length and big puffy sleeves. Don’t even think about shoulder pads!
Off the shoulder necklines. Full-figures usually have broad shoulders and arms and this neckline adds volume there.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the Sarah Houston gown -- if I put on a gown like that, I immediately look pregnant because my bust makes everything pouf out in front.

Amber aly said...

Nice dress. I love it.