Saturday, September 6, 2008


In an artful blend of the steampunk element with Victorian gothic thrown in for good measure, Independent Irish Design Label is oozing with romantic vintage appeal. Designer Yvonne Cotty launched her Bonzie label in 2007 selling mostly online through

Every Bonzie piece is breathtaking and the workmanship and detail exquisite. Cotty has become so busy since going online with Etsy, she decided it was time to broaden her team. Recently she’s added a new designer to the bunch. “Ger McDonald is a master technician and fantastic designer specifically in the bridal department,” says Cotty. “We are currently working on a new range of products for this Fall and many opportunities are coming our way. We are both passionate about moving forward with the initial concept of unique design with a Victorian-inspired edge.”

You can shop for the Bonzie label products on Etsy. Also check out her blog, Independent Label where you can keep an eye on her awe-inspiring products as they come off the work table on a day-to-day basis.


Anonymous said...

I must say that the capelet is so pretty! Luv the elegant design.

Zack said...

I love the details on these. I love the vintage feel of the lace and pearls... great find!

Sarah said...

*Sorry about the random comment from Zachary ... my fiance left his account signed in*

I love these... such a great find.

east side bride said...

Super cool!