Tuesday, September 9, 2008


When it comes to fashion, women in the 1950-60s lived in a great era. They looked incredibly feminine thanks to Christian Dior who reinvented ‘The New Look’ of cinched-in waists sitting a top miles of full skirts and petticoats. To this day, these are still some of the most beautiful designs in history. The down side? Yes there was a biggee. Every great work of art has to have a solid foundation. I ask you, what could be more solid and sturdy-looking than the above photo? Imagine your poor grandmother (or great-grandma as the case may be) deflating after a long day of being squeezed and nipped in like the lady above.

Fast forward forty-odd years. We have something called Spanx doing everything and more than the girdles and form-fitting bras of yesteryear. Designer/Innovator Sara Blakely, creator of Spanx has perfected the fit little by little, year by year. Spanx are incredibly sleek and sheer under your gown, look and feel like you’re wearing your own skin. This year’s innovations include, no seam running up the front of the Slim-Cognito mid-thigh shaper. In addition, Slim-Cogs come with rear-boost fanny pockets. That’s right. I call it a kind of 21st century bra to hold up your fanny.

And speaking of bras, check out the brand new Bra-llelujah made out of a special hosiery fabric that conforms to your skin. It hooks in front too. The result: no superfluous back fat or bra lines. Also has the shaped and molded cup and is specially designed and channeled so you don’t get that ‘underwired’ look.

Do check out the SPANX site. It’s your first step to creating a great foundation for your gown.

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Anonymous said...

While I love the Spanx "Power Panties", I was very disappointed with the Bra-llelujah. It most definitely did not hide back fat or bra lines. Additionally, the lack of adjustable straps and wide back band just did not do it for me. I discovered super bra and shaper in Oprah mag called the Unbelievabra by Shapeez. Love, love, love it! Does everything they claim and then some.