Are you a bride, photographer or vendor? Got something you want to submit to Bride Chic?
If you have an interesting theme and/or fashion forward wedding, I'm looking for your stuff.  Here are some guidelines:

For submission to Photography Spotlight:

* Real Wedding is one of our real wedding features.  We love to showcase weddings with an edge.  Edge, you ask?  This could be a great vintage wedding, a vineyard wedding in France, cocktail wedding in an art gallery  . . . something with state of the art fashion, food and venue ideas. 

* Send attachments via email or zip file.  We prefer no watermarks on the photos.  We credit you in the editorial.  We also accept submissions via Two Bright Lights

* Submit a brief bio or the couple's story.

* Include all vendors for the credits.  Example: Photographer, Bride's Dress, Cake, Caterer, Venue, Flowers, etc.

* If you're a photographer, give us a brief bio of yourself for the end of the post so brides can read all about you and know how to get hold of you . . .


Considering this is a vendor blog I'm going to be very persnickety about whom I choose to run parallel with my own stuff which is very high quality couture.  If you create one-of-a-kind bridal wear far, far away from what I  do (vintage-inspired) consider yourself a good candidate.  Send me images via email  along with your bio, how you work with clients, photographers to credit, etc.


 . . .and just happen to be a photographer interested in doing an editorial with me,  first look over my casting page. This tells you what's up and coming. After that, reading my, If You're a Photographer spiel on MM is helpful.   If perchance you have a specific concept in mind for an editorial on Bride Chic, tell me all about it.  Some of the best editorials here have come from a photographer's great and artistic concept.
If you're a magazine or blog specializing in bridal just tell me how I can help via images, interviews, etc.


With the exception of the Real Brides and Weddings and Photography Spotlight features, I only accept posts about some aspect of  fashion and how it relates to bridal.  So if you'd like to guest post, you'll need to know--or better yet--have a bridal fashion passion..    If you're a wedding blogger who is fashion obsessed, a design student or fashion journalist talk to me.