Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Created out of tulle or netting, poufs are a great alternative to the longer, more traditional veil.  And let's face it, not all brides feel comfortable doing the classic veil these days.  Poufs are super-chic as well as practical.  They go nicely with just about any dress and there's none of that dragging yards of veil around come reception time.  Finally, they have that ooooooooh la la factor! Whimsy and the element of surprise when you make your grand entrance . . .
 All poufs by Amy Jo Tatum

Photo 1: Zlata Moden Photography//Clockwise--Photo 2: Metallic gold net pouf//Photo3: Gold tulle pouf///Photos 5-6: Rose Tulle Pouf--Dominic Colacchio Photography//Photo 7: Pixamage//Photo 8: Shannon Stellmacher Photography///Photo 9: Rose Tulle Pouf//Photos 10-11 by Vetter Photography//Photo 12: Jennifer Low Photography//Photo 13: Dotted Swiss Pouf

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