Weddings and lace are synonymous, go hand in hand, and the right lace can really help you get to the level of vintage you want to create. Getting that look of antiquity means you'll be wearing some form of lace on your wedding day maybe a vintage cut or something evoking past decades.   From the most casual shabby side of chic to vintage elan, below are some inspirations worth checking out
ABOVE: Vintage or vintage looking?  That's the question.  True vintage laces are delicate and must be handled in the construction process with care.  Reproductions of vintage-style laces can really fool even a pro's keen eye.  BELOW: An array of crocheted laces.
  Header Photo: Clockwise--The CALIOPE Dress//Ecru Brussels Lace via Tumblr///Basket of laces via Hub Pages
Photo 2: Vintage laces via Tumblr
Photo 3: Vintage and retro style blouses via Rosemary Cathcart 
Photo 4: Overblouse via Tumblr
Photo 5: Array of vintage laces via Tumblr