Thinking about that Art Deco theme for your wedding day?  Then check out FLEUR, a body-hugging crepe satin paired up with delicate Chantilly lace adorning the halter bodice and cummerbund that truly captures the essence of the Art Deco era.  Zeroing in on details, there are antique buttons up the center front adding simplistic but knock 'em dead styling. 
A few tips for creating the look that goes with this dress: 

*Wear your hair either  bobbed or worn slicked back and in a low chignon. Marcelling (deep waving process) was still being used. Accents were often florals or jewels worn in the hair.

*The platform shoe wasn't introduced till the 1940s, so if you're going for authenticity think satin, low-heeled and strappy.

*Make the most of accessories.  Long gloves, cocktail hats, hair florals all say Art Deco good and loud