Believe it or not the jabot actually has its origins in menswear, lace and all.  During the Baroque period guys sporting lace meant they had a certain station in life everyone understood--kinda like wearing colors. It was only a matter of time before women got into the fashion groove, donning the lace jabot once high collars hit the scene.  The jabot can be built into the neck ruffle of a blouse and gathered as in the below images or worn as a removable piece.  These below are from the blouse collection I'm jazzed about introducing this summer.  

  A white chiffon and lace blouse paired up with a tapestry vest and tulle skirt.
For the rogue bride.  A denim jacket with a double ruffle jabot worn with a white tulle skirt
A bit of romanticism.   A gathered ruffle of lace makes an eye-catching, long jabot.  Worn with anivory satin A-line skirt . . . .

Photos by Bride Chic//Blouse and Skirt Ensembles by Amy-Jo Tatum