As you can see by these images, there's more than one way to sport a pill box hat on your wedding day.Today's post is for  all you fashionistas looking for a chi chi alternative or even addition to the veil.  Sophisticated bridal dressing like this gives you the opportunity really 'Vogue' it up and wear those gloves, carry a tiny satin clutch or sport that pill box hat with a wisp of veiling. Speaking of pill boxes, these  make a  great stand-in if you're looking to either charge up or change out the traditional veil.   A pill box comes in varied shades and textures from satin to fur.  Round and brimless, this hat is worn either centered, tilted or back on the head.  Though this style was introduced in the 1930s, Jackie Kennedy revived the look.   Generally the pill box looks best with suits and fitted sheath designs; super with most other silhouettes even bell shapes. 

Pill Box hats by Amy-Jo Tatum
Header Photos by Henley Photography
Photos 3 and 4 by Rob Martel