Here's a behind the scenes peek at last Sunday's shoot out at The Presidio in San Francisco.  Providing the perfect wooded and au naturale backdrop for the Boho theme, photographer, Devon Lach captured Aria and another Devon as Goddess Brides.  Helped along by hairstylist, Samantha Dale of Zindagi Salon you can see up close the head chic here is incredibly imaginative using real florals scattered through a Dutch braid and flowing hair . . . . .
Hairstylist, Samantha with Devon.  Baby's Breath is dappled through long, flowing, blonde hair.  For me this is the epitome of waif Boho 
Two of my fave dresses in the Forever Boho Collection, JOY and CHARLOTTE.  How beautifully they wear them.
Check back in about three weeks when we'll have the editorial Godess Brides up.  You can check out Devon Lach's work here.

Makeup courtesy James Anthony
Hair by Samantha Dale/Zindagi Salon
Models: Aria and Devon