Would you wear wool on your wedding day? In summer? Meet PRISCILLA, the first wool crepe gown to make it into the Gatsby's Bride Collection.   Whenever we think wool, winter wardrobes usually come to mind. Light weight wool crepes and jerseys are actually great fabrics through spring and summer as long as the silhouettes lend themselves well to draped fabrics and bare arms and back. And don’t worry, wool breathes well as long as it’s lined in lightweight fabric like China silk . Accessorized, PRISCILLA goes great with a pair of  strappy delicate sandals (silver or gold are my faves)  I see the necklace and earrings worn as the pearl and white stone combo shown above.  The Florals in the hair really kick this look off as  Golden Age of Hollywood worthy.  Which brings me to a little FYI here: The original inspiration for this gown came from the 1944 Noir Classic, Laura. Although Hollywood designer, Cashin’s gown for Gene Tierney was front loaded with intricate draping and gathers, my design above has a row of gentle pleating instead. You wont find this gem on Etsy--it's a custom order with  fabrics that need to be specially sourced.  If you're interested in finding out more about this dress contact me here. . . 

 Photographer: Jim Vetter Photography
Hair Stylist: Style by Lana
Makeup Artist: Tracy Shelor