Hands down, the shorter ‘fashionista' veil has gone trendy the past few years. Not too long ago shorter veils seemed out of the ordinary –very outside the traditional bridal box till a few vintage designers brought them back. But let's face it, there's still something chic, even edgy about a bride sporting one. As early as the 1990s, Vera Wang paired up short, pouf veils with very formal gowns. Whether she wanted to show off the extraordinary back details of her gowns or usher in a new look, I don’t know; I only know the juxtaposition this duo created worked.
Brides say the best thing about wearing a shorter veil is, not having to do any adjusting in that switch from the solemnity of ceremony to big time partying hearty. Short veils are easy to maneuver around in and stay put whether you’re exchanging vowels, cutting cake or dancing

Bird Cage or Net Pouf- Made of either netting or tulle, this veil falls above the shoulder line.  Since it’s a shorter style, it tends to look structured, more hybrid of headpiece and veil.  Great look for fashionistas

Blusher or Flyaway-Pictured Above,  a fly away is typically attached to the back while the blusher is a short veil worn over the face during the ceremony.  Can also be worn shoulder length in layers.  Although considered informal, this is the choice of some chic, formal-gowned brides.

All veils by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photo Credits
Top Photo by Smoot Photo
Photo 3:  Henley Photography