Here are a few of my own versions of the LWD.  While some bridal designers claim these pieces are great for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and as a reception option not to mention wearing it again after the big day, I can see these pieces  'workin it 'at the more informal or city hall wedding.  But wait! I have to add another event they're great for to the list: they make wonderful anniversary dresses.  Pictured above is Natalie who recently celebrated her fifth in a LWD  I made up in embroidered linen.  We did a photo shoot for Bride Chic in downtown San Francisco with Natalie and her hubby, Dave.  What better way to spend an anniversary than recreating all those memories of being a bride and groom . . . .? 
 Here Natalie is head to knees in tulle with the perfect touch for a city wedding--short white gloves . . .
The POLLY Dress is a short and sassy taffeta with contrasting black tulle underskirts.  Great for an after the wedding spring cocktail party . . .
Another spring option--Taffeta and embroidered organza make for this lovely short Little White Dress

All dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum
Header Photos and Photos 2and 3 by Dominic Colacchio Photography
Photos 5 and 6 copyright Bride Chic