Who thought we'd be seeing such diversity in pleats in 2013?  Lately designers have been turning out artsy versions of pleat treatments on dresses that are rocking it out down runways and in designer collections. Traditionally wedding dresses have some of the most pleated skirts you're gonna find out there--and lately we've seen some real creative bodice treatments too.  A-line and princess styles in heavier fabrics like satin moire and taffeta can have deep box or inverted pleats in the skirt.  So why do some designers decide to pleat instead of gather?  Pleats lie flat and gathering is bulky.  And who needs all that extra  bulk in the waist or hip?  The result will be an uninterrupted line up the bodice with an even fullness in the skirt. But there's more to pleats than the traditional bodice and skirt treatments.  Here are a few  happenings in bridal I'm absolutely swooning over . . .
Accordion-folded skirt wedding dress by Rafael Cennamo via Tumblr
 Left photo via Pinterest/Right photo Christian Larcroix Haute Couture via Tumblr
 Left:Krikor Jabotian Couture via Pinterest /Right: Train inset detail and dress by Romona Keveza via Brides
Left: close up of accordian pleats via Zsa Zsa Bellagio/Right: Accordian pleated dress by BHLDN
Left: Pleated draping technique Herv√© L. Leroux, 2013 via Pinterest/Right: Wings via Pinterest
2 versions of pleated ruffles Left  by Lazaro/Right bodice and cummerbund pleats by Jim Hjelm
Pleated ruffles by Dior via Pinterest
A pleated bodice that evokes sea shells via Tumblr