One trend taking the market by storm the past couple years is a return to the sleeve.  Slowly making their way into bridal wear  a couple years back, Kate Middleton really brought them home when she donned long, fitted, Chantilly lace sleeves, a refreshing change from the strapless bodices sported by brides everywhere. When choosing sleeves think of them in terms of having their very own silhouette within the outline of your gown as a whole. Not only do sleeves look beautiful, the right ones add bodice appeal as well as keep your skirt or sloping shoulders in proportion.  Not foremost but important, keeping arms warm could be another option for wearing sleeves. It used to be etiquette dictated the length sleeve you could wear during winter months or time of day you got married. Fortunately these restrictions were lifted long ago. Nowadays, you can go for long sleeves in summer, short caps in winter if that’s your desire. Finding something you feel good and pretty wearing is the most deciding factor  . . . 

Header Photo : Luisa Beccania
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