At first photographer, Sandi Rufo was both excited and nervous she wouldn't or couldn't find creative ways to photograph two brides.  Holly and Aimee however were so much in love that it just came naturally. All she had to do was photograph them being themselves and the results were amazing! Said Sandi, "If I could say one thing about Holly and Aimee it would be that they did it their way and didn't follow any rules. They both wore beautiful vintage dresses with the most adorable red and scarlet Maryjane shoes. They had a candle light ceremony which was fantastic and then partied, and I mean partied straight through the night."
Holly and Aimee attended high school together but didn't really get to know each other until years later. They both had just gotten out of relationships and would talk to each other about the type of person they would really like to be with and realized that they were describing each other. Once they started dating, they just knew it was meant to be. "It was clear to me that they are truly soul mates and I am so happy to have been a part of their awesome wedding! Congrats Holly and Aimee!"