You have to admit, the 1950's Rockabilly dress is tres chic right now and lots of brides are going for the look.  Getting the look means first adding the right volume to your full skirt to make it stand out.  Swank Underpinnings carries poufy half slips in all lengths to accentuate that 50's silhouette.  As a designer of primarily 50s dresses my advice to you would be make sure your under slip is worn separately  from your dress (read: yes, as in a whole separate piece). Why? You don't want to add bulk to the waistline. Wedding gowns have enough heavy duty handiwork going on inside, why add more? I know most gowns come with built-ins, but do ask your salon when placing the order to have the designer send your slip as a separate component from the gown.

Adding color underneath your dress hints at it once you lift your skirt. Or better yet, how about going for the Peek-A-Boo factor? That means that a little touch of red or purple or whatever color you want slips beyond the hemline. How that for chic . . .?