For all you brides on a budget I'm still selling some of the photographic samples. So I know you're asking, 'What the heck is a photographic sample?'  It is a mock up made up just for the photo shoot in materials close to but not yet ready for prime time such as the almost priceless silks in which they are custom ordered by clients. It can also be the original and yummy silk dress I make that is two or three seasons old. In any case your sample will be one-of-a-kind and handmade, have couture techniques like hand-picked zipper and hand-tacked linings no machinery can emulate. Before I sell these gems rest assured they do go through proper refurbishing and cleaning. Fabric samples on request.
 Today's gem is from last season whipped up in an eggshell wool crepe.  Would you wear wool on your wedding day? In summer? 'Priscilla' is the first wool crepe gown to make it into one of my collections. Whenever we think wool, winter wardrobes usually come to mind. Light weight wool crepes and jerseys are actually great fabrics thru spring and summer as long as the silhouettes lend themselves well to drapey fabrics and bare arms and back. And don’t worry, wool breathes well as long as it’s lined in lightweight fabrics like China silk.

Third right photo by Aura O'Brien