Want to be a ballerina on your wedding day all wrapped up in a cloud of tulle?  Check out these tulle treasures by TuTu Chic.  You have to see this shabby chic/oh la la! Etsy shop if you're in any way tulle or what I'd call, Giselle-inspired.   If you're as intrigued as I am with ballet's influence on fashion, look for elements of dance style hitting the runways in up and coming seasons.  Perhaps influenced by the 2010 thriller, Black Swan  the tulle trend is definitely on. Designers are bringing out more feathered hats, head pieces and even jewelry evoking ballet characters.  Though tulle skirts are already trendy for bridal and evening, new versions will be paired up with bomber jackets and t-shirts as this ethereal fabric makes it's way into street chic.