Photography: Stuart Lirette 
                 John Truong
Hair: Kathie Rothkop of Salon Glam
Makeup: Juliane Chai
Models: Jennifer Lam and Lauren Purcell

 There's a focus on inventive hairdressing lately whether you decide to ditch the veil or not.  Once you've chosen your gown, your head is the next most crucial detail to dressing the part. Because not every bride feels right doing the veil thing, some are opting for smaller headpieces, even hats.  For those of you wanting to skip the cake top template of hairstyles all together and try something innovative, we look to hairdresser Kathie Rothkop of Salon Glam in Novato, California.  Creating hair art for years,  I asked her about her take on bridal hair.  Here's what she said: "I get inspired first by the style of the gown, second, the type of woman wearing the gown and the time of year of the wedding.
"I put women in 4 categories. Sporty, classic,romantic and edgy. A sporty woman would want hair very simple, probably short and tailored.  Her gown would be clean-lined. Classic would be very traditional, maybe a french twist, no ornamentation. Grace Kelly was a classic beauty. Romantic is my favorite. Lots of bling, flowers, height, softness and curls. Goldie Hawn and Catherine Zeta Jones are good examples of this. Edgy is non traditional, Lady GaGa really is this look."
Top: Behind the scenes, Kathy works on Jen's Liz-inspired braid.                              Liz and Dick on their wedding day.  Her dress is by Hollywood designer
Irene Schraff

The above image of a long braid dappled in Stephanotis was inspired by the braid with hyacinths Elizabeth Taylor wore when she married Richard Burton in 1964.  
Out of the pages of 1960s Vogue, this wired, white ribbon weaves in and out of Lauren's bun forming ringlets.  A great match for most any gown--even short and mini styles.

Go wild with Spring flowers in bloom.  This loose upsweep accented with fresh Star Royal Magnolias would be the perfect compliment of any destination wedding.

Birds of a feather . . . . Dare to go avian with the whole bird, including feathers.  The hair is long and loose with tiny braids interwoven at the crown . . .Stunning with sheath and evening gown styles.

Got long locks?  Flaunt it all with half up and half down hair.  The bun is sprinkled with white Stephanotis.