mantilla and roses
Flowers by Victoria's Florals Gown and veil by Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal /Photos by S1 Studios
One real hot look for 2010 is the drop veil–or to be more preciese–the mantilla. . . There are actually a few ways of wearing a mantilla. Because this veil lacks density, you can fold it over into a layer and tack it to the back of a bun. You can also literally drop it atop your head and wear it over the face or further back with or without a headpiece. Plastic or metal combs sewn to the center can secure the veil in place. How about an alternative to a traditional mantilla? Try a mock mantilla veil, which has low dense gathers and is cut into one or two tiers. Lace is then added to the edges. A cascading mantilla is another option and has a top layer worn over the face. For a really extraordinary effect, Alencon, Chantilly or Venise lace can be hand beaded. The above version is a square of tulle bordered with Chantilly lace . . .