Outfits for Boys
Have you noticed Grooms going a bit more casual lately? Though elegant, the suit tux has replaced the classic monkey suit as they called them in my generation. In fact, back in my day groom's attire ran the gamut of the Liberace special in pastel colors complete with a matching ruffled shirt. No wonder so many couples got married in blue jeans back then. Fast forward thirty years and we're looking at some better choices. Vintage is chic these days as long as it's not 1970s Las Vegas. If men are going to wear classics those classics have to be ones we remember as super cool. Humphrey Bogart in his white dinner jacket in Casablanca still rates cool. So does Sean Connery as James Bond in the black tie number he popularized in Goldfinger. What about the groomsmen pictured above in Beaver Cleever sneakers? Radical, a little goofy, but very in right now. Let's call it a fad.