Whether you want to go all out romantic for your wedding day or just add touches, here are some inspirations . . .

Roses and Teacups

Take a que from Victorian brides. Instead of a veil they often wore hats. These are only two selections from Roses and Teacups. They have a whole array of floral and lace embellished head wear . . .

Roses and Teacups
Love this bottle? Fill it with your own signature. Add a single floral fragrance like rose or violet to your life. This kind of aromatherapy will give you a real lift and set up a romantic mood.

The bridal purse is traditional. These days however fewer guests make a spectacle of filling the purse with greenbacks like they used to. Still, this little gem from Roses and Teacups is a beautiful accessory to carry around.

Roses and Teacups
Once upon a time these hatboxes were a fact of life and every closet had at least six stacked one ontop of another. Nowadays they are becoming one option for decorative storage. For an added touch of the romantic, line them with lux fabric and sachets.

Another gorgeous find!

What could be more Victorian than the Teatime Wedding with all the tea and china? Think of how magnificent a tea spread would look in an outdoor rose garden. All you need is a little silver, lace and china . . .

Roses and Teacups

Winter wedding ornament favors. These do remind me of Faberge eggs.

Images courtesy of Polyvore and Roses and Teacups