Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Round about 1978 this waistline appeared and we all went crazy over it along with Saturday Night Fever, cherry lip gloss and waiting in line at Studio 54. Back then I liked blousons because they were so easy to fit and believe it or not once upon a time fitting a wasp waist to actually look wasp intimidated me. This throwback was found via Anne Valerie Hash's 2008-09 collection in Spanish Vogue (Novias). Just wonder if we'll ever embrace it as intensely as we did back in 1978.


Anonymous said...

Lord, I hope not. Those of us who are "stacked up top" look ridiculous in stuff like that. In fact, the only people who look really good in the blouson are women without bosoms. Nothing wrong with a lack of bosoms, of course, but how about something that flatters across the board?

Anonymous said...

I don't care for this waist----looks something like a deflated balloon

east side bride said...

I kind of love it, actually.