You'll find most hats these days borrowing from vintage looks.  Why?  I have a theory:  We haven't had a real evolution in hat fashion that ran parallel with the trends simply because hats are not a mandatory fashion piece anymore.  Nevertheless, many brides are hat happy and looking at this option when it comes to topping off their look.

Above and below are two versions of picture hats, the most classic in head wear for daytime formals. Wide brimmed and typically constructed out of straw or horsehair, they are sometimes swathed in netting and organza. Whatever look you want to create with this style, here are some things to consider when wearing it. Go ahead and put on your picture hat for the ceremony. Just do yourself a favor at the reception and take it off when you’re receiving guests. Unless your hat is made out of that bendy sort of horsehair with lots of give, when you reach out to hug and kiss people the hat will either fall off or scrape someone. Picture hats go great with most silhouettes, especially ball gowns. The wide brim balances the volume in the skirt.

Cocktail Hats like the one above include toques, pancakes and beanies to name just a few. Small and brimless, these hats sit tilted or perched atop the head, usually accented with flowers or a spray of long feathers; a cover of net or nose veil typically wraps all or part of the face. To add a touch of fun to a simple gown, cover a cocktail hat fully in marabou or ostrich feathers. All cocktail hats look great with up swept hair and most silhouettes. Ideal as a headpiece attached to any length veil

Pictured above is the cloche, a close fitting helmet-like hat worn low on the forehead with or without a brim. All the rage in the 1920s. Today’s versions are mostly felt and straw, complimenting vintage dresses and suits. Look best worn with a bob or other short hairstyles.

Top Hat or Derby anyone? Why not? If a man in a tux can wear one so can a bride in a gown.  We're seeing some minature versions lately that sit perched on the side of the head like the one above . . .