Photos courtesy Vogue Italy

Aka kissing balls, some of these bags in bloom look like small and rounded bouquets; others take on the shape of a handbag or clutch. Kissing balls and bloom bags are an alternative to baskets of flowers or the scattering of rose petals. Many churches and venues have banned the dropping of petals due to liability issues as well as carpets getting stained.
Kissing Balls can be carried up the aisle then hung from the ceiling, a chandelier or placed in a vase come reception time. During the holidays, mistletoe can be added for a festive touch. Typically a florist can concoct a pomander or purse of real flowers depending what is in season. Craftspeople though are introducing some creative alternatives on the real thing, adding anything from berries to feathers, plumes, pine cones and jewels. To check out some real off the charts kissing ball chic, follow the links to these Etsy sellers:

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