Friday, November 20, 2009


Once upon a time the posed bridal portrait was a pretty standard procedure. About a month before the wedding, if a bride had her gown, she (no groom) posed in a studio setting. In the days before independent bridal salons, department stores like B. Altman and Bergdorf Goodman had in-house salons. They also offered in-house photographers that specialized in taking 'The Bridal Portrait' These days bridal photography has moved into the realm of the art shot, thanks to the digital age and photographers who practice their craft as an art form. Spanish photographer Alfonso Vidal-Quadras has fashioned six bridal portraits reminiscent of early cinema. Got a theme even a little left of center? Then find your best artist and go for it. The talent out there is amazing and you'll be expanding their repertoire for creation by offering some unique input.

Images courtesy of Web Novias


Mollie Tobias said...

Loving the big flowers and the vintage textures. Great finds!

SASS said...

There are no words. This is GORGEOUS.

Unknown said...

Lovely images. I love the current craze with the bridal portraits. A lovely way to celebrate your dress and a great time to capture those tiny details.

And such a lovely dress deserves to be worn as many times as you can get away with it!