Why am I always bringing up Holly Golightly when I talk hats? Unique and a spinner of the unexpected, I feel Truman Capote's elegant but mercurial character would have indeed worn a hat on her wedding day. For all of you out there with a touch of the Golightlyesque, a hat can provide that unexpected element of fun. Add to that finding the right one can make for a real adventure.

Hats above offer variation on the classic picture hat, perfect for the daytime garden reception.

A few tips: Some of the same guidelines for choosing veils apply to hats as well. For instance, the more minimalist the gown is in detail, the more elaborate that hat can be; whereas the more ornate the gown, the simpler the hat. You’ll see it’s all just a matter of getting the symmetry right once you start trying them on. You do need to get in front of a mirror, preferably with your gown on and alterations done to evaluate how the hat and gown work together. As far as accessorizing your gown with a hat, add gloves, earrings and pearls and you've amped up the glam to a real haute couture look. The length glove you choose has to do with preference and the style of your gown. Generally, long gloves and wide brims give off more of a high fashion look—short gloves and little hats, a more lady-like appearance.
Amy-Jo Tatum

Amy-Jo Tatum

Floral hats add panache to up done hair, especially the pancake hat directly above which can sit perched sideways.

Even smaller than the pancake, we're seeing more of these miniature derbys the size of doll hats. I couldn't resist showing you this one with added beading and ribbon. A perfect topping off for the costume-inspired bride.