Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Contemplating a more romantic but simple look perchance? Check out the drop. Yes, the drop veil is exactly that: actually dropped onto the head in a single layer of tulle or lace, sometimes bordered with lace or ribbon. In the above image it looks like chiffon or organza. Generally, more ornamental gowns look best with simple veils, like one layer of tulle whereas all over lace veils or ones edged with wide borders require a simple gown with little adornment. Your dress might have some exquisite back details you want to show off. If this is the case select a try a layer of tulle like that shown in the images here— in a dropped style that doesn’t fall in creases and folds across your back. Tulle is the best fabric for this; it’s transparent enough without being so opaque to fog detail. The exquisite hair ornamentation in this photos is visible and even adds a little mystery with the addition of a drop veil . . .

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