Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's hard to believe once upon a time fashion police enforced the one type of shoe you could wear on your wedding day: closed toe pumps in white or ivory peau satin. Rarely did brides step out of this defined code unless they were brazen or had something to do with Hollywood. Don't get me wrong, closed toe satin pumps are still elegant as you can see in the photos above. So are the taupey-tinted ankle- strapped sandals and metallica peeps. The point here is, you've got choices, baby. Rejoice!


Emily Heizer Photography said...

I just love the trend of wearing fancy colored shoes now. some of my brides still wear white shoes, but the majority of them are stepping out in heels (or flats!) that match their wedding color scheme, and I just love that little surprise pop of color with all these traditional, formal gowns. Keeps it fun!

Bunnies Bridal and More said...

I love seeing brides that have some bling or a splash of color on their shoes. To me it adds a little fun and personality.

Loulabelle Kent said...

I used to think that you had to stay true to the ivory but now I'm thinking that I might go for something ultra colourful on my big day next year.

I might go for a colour from my bouquet maybe :o)