Saturday, September 19, 2009


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Check out this combo of copper, gold & latte. Made up by The Perfect Pallette it's just right for Fall. This time of year has so much to do with vineyards, farms and cozy get togethers. A wedding in these harvest months brings change; not only does the light become more ochre but bouquets are a little more rustic in both color and texture.


love said...

I answered your comment on my blog so please let the readers know about your castle wedding. you said it humorously about eating your heart out after falling in love!

bridechic said...

Okay, here's Sherrlyn's Post:FROM SHERRLYN BORKGREN PHOTOGRAPHY“Now that your wedding is history, what would you change if you had it to do over?” The number one answer was, “I’d get a better wedding photographer!”

My Rebuttle?

Believe it or not I would have lost weight and designed a different gown. I'm many pounds thinner now than I was on my wedding day. Once I met 'the one' I was so content I apparently ate my heart out. Luckily I'm tall and can carry it.
That's about all I'd change though. I got married in a castle and the wedding was like something out of a movie. I remember getting to the altar and asking, 'Did Ed and I really plan all this?'