Sunday, April 26, 2009



Working with a lot of classy, creative people stokes me. I have to thank two very talented photographers, Shelah and Robin of Sweet Light Studios in San Francisco for shooting my gowns and headpieces with such an eye for that vintage feeling I like to create. Pictured here are model Elle W and I during our Friday shoot. She's in one of my new headpieces, a pancake/cocktail hat with a pouf of tulle that totally rocks with this classic Chantilly lace and silk dupioni gown. I get loads of comments from brides as well as fashion folks whenever I post alternatives to the traditional veil, including the birdcage or a net pouf like this one.

If you like the look of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's stick around. Up and coming I'll have an article on Savvy Scoop all about wedding day hair, including a few pics from this shoot highlighting some of the most beautiful hair jewelry offered by hair stylist/makeup artist, Christal Saville.
Here, Elle's Golightlyesque hair makes my gown look very Givenchy, n'est pas?


Natalie said...

Oh Amy! I love this shot of you and Elle! I'm glad you got a picture too. :)

Erin Nowak, Designer and Illustrator said...

Gorgeous! Love the headpiece. And how fun to see you in the shot too! Great picture.

Laura said...

So amazing and classic! No matter what the year is, this look would be so sophisticated in any wedding. Such talent. I also love the hair which goes wonderful with the headpiece.

Carol said...

Gorgeous headpiece! So nice to see you as well.

Monique R. said...

Great to finally see you in something Amy. Your model is stunning in that hat. Love the gown too.