Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Pictured above and below are kiddie icons of the 1930s, Shirley Temple and the Royal Princesses of England, Elizabeth and Margaret Rose. Back then the press doted on Shirley with her dimples and blonde ringlets. She's the only kid I ever knew who got away with tap dancing across a banquet table and on top of a grand piano (see Curly Top 1934). Her dresses were adorable, ruffly little things just covering her bottom with matching panties.

I've finally a found a kid's source devoted to the simplicity and comfort of 1930s kids frocks. If you love the styles below, check out Grammie's Attic. The owner recalls one grammie "Fondly remembered dressing her own daughter in delicate little embroidered diaper shirts, no longer available in retail stores. I finally tracked down a dozen of them, along with some sweet little dresses, from an estate sale. Worn in the 1930s, they had been carefully laid away in grammie's attic to await future generations.I've always loved fine linens and was thoroughly smitten by these handmade garments and their lovely fabrics, exquisite embroidery, and careful craftsmanship. I continued to collect and restore these little treasures, adding bibs, bonnets, and baby linens, until my new hobby evolved into this web store. I'm very excited to see a whole new generation of babies wearing these special things! I love to see babies dressed like babies instead of mini-adults."


Retro-inspired, these little frocks breathe. The thing I like most about this web store is the fabrics. I don't like watching an uncomfortable child pulling and tugging at tight or heavy clothes with the scratchy inner structures like crinoline and weighty taffeta linings. Grammie's Attic has simple styles in fabrics like silk, linen and cotton.

The Shirley Temple Sailor Dress


LPC said...

And the fat little baby flesh that peeks out from those little puffed sleeves. I always have to grit my teeth so I don't succumb to the desire to bite them. Really. Not kidding.

Carol said...

These are adorable!!

Susanna-Cole King said...

Oh those are absolutely adorable! And those are just the kind of dresses my mother had my sister and I wear when we were little... I'm kind of sad to see that today, most little girls usually dress like teenagers, and you rarely seem them wearing this style of adorable (and age appropriate) dresses, anymore. :(

Thanks for your comment, by the way, so happy to hear you like my blog! <3


Monique R. said...

So cute!

Natalie said...

Oh, those are so sweet!

Unknown said...

those little girl dresses are so adorable. they remind me of what my grandma used to make for me when i was young.

Grace Community Garden said...

Sooo sweet! Little girls should dress like little girls!

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg that little sailor dress at the end was too cute!!!