Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Here's a tip for topping off  your look: The simpler the gown, the more ornate the accessories can be. Likewise the more ornate the gown, the simpler the accessories. Hats, veils, fascinators, shoes, belts, gloves and bling all fall into the range of trimmings that can compliment your overall look. Preston and Olivia specialize in couture millinery though the  paraphernalia found paired up with their fabulous head chic is inspiring and whimsical.  I love the playing dress ups kind of feel that goes with this snazzy little jacket and
pearls. . . . .


FashionJazz said...

I looove the faux fur with the bridal dress, that is so me!! :) xx

chris said...

A small visit to your little domain.
While thanking you for your loyalty to me.
But I wish, in this Easter week, you want a wonderful Easter.
I do not know if the tradition is home! but beware of chocolates to not be sick.
good day

two photos of Easter
http://nsm05.casimages.com/img/2012/04/02/1204020717541250289664784.jpgAnnuler les modifications

Test said...

i love the dress with the fur coat!

Enara Girl said...

I love the accesories of the brides.

Encarna said...

Amazing pics
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Disturbed Style said...

Amazing photos! I love it :)

Oh my Dior! said...

love all this accessories!!


Anonymous said...

There is a photo on the Home page of your site...right hand side...entitled 'Beyond the Salon-Shopping off the Beaten Track'. The photo features what looks like corset-style crinkle silk spaghetti strap gowns...looks like ivory colored...hanging on hangers. They're BEAUTIFUL!! I'm looking for dresses like this. Where is this picture from?? My e-mail is foodattitude@yahoo.ca.

Miss fashionmix said...

Great pics with retro vibe! But most of all I like emotions on the 1st photo!

Mark said...

Amazing picture because its a very stylish dress up.
wedding attire

Angelina Clarke said...

This one is just amazing especially that fur coat which is just awesome..
Angelina Clarke from Silver Clutch for Bridesmaids .