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Credits: Vanity Fair, Vanity Fair (2), Showtime

You might just find you love vintage-chc lingerie as much as you do retro fashion and bridal. What women wear underneath it all changes with the eras of course. These Vargas-like images go from WWII pin-up to mid sixties funk. Reminiscent of boudoir photography--those shots you have done in a session with a photographer specializing in this niche--this is a gift you could give your groom pre or post wedding. For some, a present like this to their beloved is the equivalent of sitting for a bridal portrait (sans the gown of course). If you're contemplating boudoir photography have fun deciding which era or mood will be yours. Here are a few tips to ensure a successful portrait session.

1. Bring underthings in which you feel sexy and beautiful: Bras, panties, corsets, stockings, garter belts, tank tops, sports jerseys & even the man’s business shirt complete with homberg. All are trendy.

2. Bring accessories and props for each of your outfits. You know what I mean by props: flowers, feathers, parasols, gilded hand-held mirrors. And of course those sexy shoes. What's a girl to do without those high heels?

3. If you are recreating an era, do study up on the lingerie, hair and make up of that era.

4. Find a great photographer. Here are the few greats I have had experience with through my clients who will deliver more than you ever thought possible. . . . Check out their sites where you can glean some knowledge and inspiration. Albeit, they are scattered far and wide around the world though best at their craft . . .

Critsey Rowe Couture Boudoir


Anonymous said...
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{The Perfect Palette} said...

got to love vintage!!! i know i sure do!

Forget Me Knot Details said...

Such a great little post about vintage lingerie for brides- I think it's definitely the way to go with a boudoir session, so classy!! I have a semi-scecret love for pin-ups, I like to describe my style as classic with a little pin-up underneath. :)

Boudoir Photographer said...

I love the Pin Up style. So stylized.