At last. Since some of you have emailed me about where to find flower girl and page outfits that don't look like Little Miss Contestants and Halloween costumes,, I 'm happy to report my designer chum Stephanie Staub of Little Eglantine in the UK has added some new dresses and suits to her collection. Specializing in outfitting those little people in your party, Stephanie offers traditional bridal wear in wearable, comfortable fabrics sutable for kids to go through the day as kids.
As part of this new collection, the Isobel ivory flower girl dress has that romantic elegance reminiscent of French sophistication. The dress combines the luxury of gold embroidered taffeta and the softness of ivory tones. The flounce sleeves add a touch of mischievousness, essential for children.

Complimenting this lovely dress, Peter the page boy outfit is composed of a white cotton double breasted shirt, a pair of ivory knickerbockers and a gold cummerbund.

Both outfits are made–to-measure and available exclusively from Little Eglantine in sizes to fit toddlers through to 8 year olds. Orders can be done by email or by contacting the designer.

Little Eglantine designer, Stephanie Staub explains her thoughts behind the creations: “Many of my clients want gold and ivory as their wedding theme, and I wanted to create something especially on that theme: outfits that would mix the softness of ivory colors and the perfection of embroidered taffetas. I personally very much like the flounce sleeves, which give a dimension of mischievousness to the flower girl dress. Peter is a very traditional page boy outfit and both he and Isobel make a lovely couple.”

The Little Eglantine client receives that personal and sophisticated touch of French “Haute Couture” . What makes this service so unique not only lies in Stephanie's designs but in the choice of her unique embroidered taffeta fabrics. She'll actually take time to help the bride choose and develop designs that look perfect on children.