Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Alfred Sung is one designer who has my complete, unobstructed and undivided attention this 2010 season. His bridesmaid collection really has some great Audreyesque dresses of which maybe a few maids can get some after-milage. Now, if we can just find a fabric that goes to a wedding as well as lunch in Santa Barbara, we'll have a Eureka! situation. I'm hoping more designers wise up and bring out more state-of-the-art silhouettes like these.

Images courtesy Brides UK


nina said...

Simple...but the details are gorgeous!

Cyn City said...

I love this line. I am actually considering number 2 & 3 for my maids. I love the pleated skirt... it's so flattering.

Truly Engaging said...

Great looks and great colors~ gorgeous and wear-again and again!